Consortiq have partnered with Moonrock Drone Insurance to provide our award winning software CQNet at no cost to their customers.

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In this first of its kind deal, Moonrock’s customers will receive access to CQNet, to better enable them to conduct their drone operations safely. By adding your assets, and checklists to the system, and then using it for Flight Planning you can reduce the risk to your operation as well as the time spent planning operations vs flying. Learn more about CQNet’s features.

As a Moonrock customer you can sign up for CQNet via our account request form, this will send us a request and after following our getting started process you will be up and running with your new account.

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View our getting started guide here

Moonrock Insurance The industry leading provider of drone Insurance in the UK.  Offering everything from flexible Unlimited monthly flights, through to full annual polices. All Moonrock polices cover as standard:

  •  Business continuity – In the event of an accident which requires your drone to be repaired, the policy gives you the ability to hire-in alternative equipment, so there are no disruptions to your business 
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Night Flying
  • Data protection and cyber attack of up to £100,000 
  • No restriction to number of hours flown 
  • No requirement to provide information on the make/model or manufacturer of the drone 
  • Public Liability up to £10m
  • Worldwide cover (inc USA and Canada)
  • Cover whilst in storage, in flight and in transit
  • Fly ways
  • Over water 
  • We cover all personally owned and hired-in equipment gimbals, tablets, and chargers 
  • Theft of drone and/or its accessories to the full amount 
  • Compliant with minimum requirements of EC785/2004
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Note: This offer is not available in South Africa