Gareth ‘Garf’ Beverley

Garf is Consortiq’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) he’s responsible for taking our CEO’s vision and turning that into a strategy for our products. 

He has nearly two decades of experience in designing, implementing, and supporting computer-based systems in a variety of environments from Financial houses, to Air Traffic Control.

His varied career in IT operations, security, safety and engineering give him a unique perspective on unmanned technology, the benefits it will bring, and how it may integrate safely into the manned aviation world.

Garf can go from talking about a high-level strategy to technical detail in an instant but knows when to talk about them and to who. This comes in especially handy in his role at Consortiq where he can go from providing input to European regulatory changes to discussing database architecture at any point in his day.

He occasionally writes down his thoughts, take a look at his lastest posts below.

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