Fleet Management

Your one stop shop for all your assets tracking needs, including: Aircraft, Batteries and Payloads.

Say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets

Struggling to keep track of your assets service and maintenance schedules?

CQNet ensures your maintenance activities are being carried out in accordance with your procedures, and that flight time is accurately logged based on flight hrs.

Want to know where your assets are being used, when, and by who? CQNet records that too.

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Risk Management

Easily configurable, template generated risk assessments that offer a variety of customisation options to ensure your team can manage and mitigate risks in a way that works best for them.

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Operations Management

CQNet provides a global overview of all projects, missions and their statuses in one manageable place.

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Flight Planning

Is it safe to fly? Plot your mission, check weather, flight restrictions and current airspace details in your area, all from just one system.

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Automated Flight Hazards

Understanding airspace rules and regulations on a global scale is a real challenge. Thankfully, CQNet does the hard work for you.

Once you’ve planned a flight path, CQNet automatically presents you with a list of air and ground hazards along with their respective hazard levels.

Easily record your custom mitigation’s against any hazard.

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Flight Logs

Upload your own flight logs* and view the processed data. This data will update all assets attached to the mission and all pilot records.

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