CQNet new web release 1.16

Yesterday we released a few changes to our award-winning Drone Management Software, CQNet.  Like any other software, we constantly evolve, update and tweak to offer the best possible drone software out there.  Yesterday saw the release of a new feature which allows Pilots and Managers to export the currency of their pilots as a CSV file for incorporation in to […]

Consortiq & Moonrock Offer

Consortiq have partnered with Moonrock Drone Insurance to provide our award winning software CQNet at no cost to their customers. View our Moonrock page for more details. If you’re a Moonrock customer you can sign up now for CQNet via our account request form, this will send us a request and after following our getting started process you will be up and […]

Drone Apps

What is a drone app and where do you find them? The answer is, it depends. Firstly are you a hobbyist, or a professional drone user? If you’re professional you will be something like a PfCO holder (UK), Part 107 qualifed (US), or Part 101 registered (South Africa). Unfortunately these qualifications vary by country but a search for your country […]

Operation Zenith

Consortiq were also part of a well demonstrated concept (Operation Zenith) on 21st November 2018 at Manchester Airport. Operation Zenith provided an insight into how drones and airports can be utilised together – it was a live demonstration of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) integration in controlled airspace. Operation Zenith presented a safeguarding solution for any […]