CQNet Release v1.13.0

I’m very pleased to announce the latest release of CQNet, this comes with some exciting new features.

What3Words has been incorporated into CQNet, with the world in 3m x 3 m boxes to assist mission planning in remote areas.

For the first time, we’ve been able to build features specifically for our Enterprise customers as well as features for all to benefit from. The ability to upload KML & GeoJSON files as custom map layers has been requested by several of our Enterprise clients to assist with repeat and large area mission planning globally as part of their UAS operations.

That’s not all we’ve done, take a look at the full list below:

New Features:

  • Distance measuring tools to assist in the flight planning stage.
  • Latitude and longitude of your mouse cursor is displayed during flight planning to enable increased flight area mapping accuracy.
  • Release notes are now accessible from the login screen.
  • You can now upload KML and GeoJSON files to use as mission flight areas Enterprise Only).


  • Aircraft assets are filtered for compatible assets.


  • Copy Mission modal closes when you click the close icon.
  • Fixed errors when deleting attachments from missions.
  • Mission and project names overflow to the next line when they are too long for the sidebars making them easier to read

Most of these enhancements have come from your feedback, so get involved!!

If you have any queries or issues, just email us at cqnet@consortiq.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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