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CQNet release v1.12.0 – March 2019

One of the aims we’ve had with CQNet has been to cover all aspects of our UK PfCO training course (UAQ) and the US Drone Flight Essentials course – part of our AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP).

Our new release improves your ability to flight plan from one resource, drawing on airport and hospital locations. In addition this release includes a key request from many of you – the ability to create your own advisories within CQNet.

New Features:

  • Locate the nearest airports: CQNet can now recommend airports you may need to contact before you fly.
  • Locate the nearest hospitals: CQNet can now indicate where the nearest hospital is in case of an accident and provides co ordinates
  • Airport advisories are now displayed in the mission details section along with a record of the airports you have contacted.
  • Hospitals nearby are now displayed in the mission details section as well as your chosen hospital in case of emergencies.
  • You can now create your own advisories and mitigate against them.


  • Reordering checklist items: Items can be moved around in checklists.
  • Maps in reporting documents are now zoomed in further.
  • Mission copying: Details of copied missions can now be changed during the copy process and copied missions will each have a unique name.
  • Maintenance activities: “Software Update” has been added to this list so you can keep track of changes to the firmware on your assets.
  • Mission deletion process: It is now simpler to delete missions allowing you to delete them faster in bulk

Happy (and Safe) Flying!

Garf Beverley
Chief Technology Officer

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