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What is a drone app and where do you find them? The answer is, it depends.

Firstly are you a hobbyist, or a professional drone user? If you’re professional you will be something like a PfCO holder (UK), Part 107 qualifed (US), or Part 101 registered (South Africa). Unfortunately these qualifications vary by country but a search for your country name plus the word drone, uav, rpas or uas would be a good place to start.

If you’re a hobbyist there are a few free apps that cover the essentials like viewing airspace hazards e.g.

For professionals, there is the next question of what do you want your Drone App to do:

  • Flight path planning
  • Mission planning
  • Managing your operation (Fleet Management, Pilot Currency, Risk Management, Compliance)
  • Data analysis

Flight path planning refers to getting your drone to fly an automated flight pattern without human input to best capture the data you need. Litchi is a good place to start, or Drone Deploy is good for the more advanced users.

CQNet – Airspace Hazard Information

You need to conduct some mission planning to ensure your flight has the best chance of success. There are many ways to do this from paper forms, or spreadsheets, but as you’re here we’ll assume you want a Drone App to do that. You could use the hobbyist apps above but you’ll proabably want to record the planning centrally for ease of management. CQNet is Consortiq’s product to perform this and many other functions, acting as a whole Drone Operations Mangement Platform for your organization.

If you have more than one drone or pilot & crew then you’ll need a way to manage your whole operation. CQNet is one way to do that, but you could also use Measure for your fleet management, plus Centrik for your safety management, (plus a mission planning app as we mentioned earlier).

Finally once you’ve planned the mission, flown it, and got the data you need you will want to do something with that data so it’s useful to your organization. Optelos is an AI and Machine Learning based platform for data analytics. Pix4D is another popular product, and Drone Deploy has some functionality too.

Optelos – Work Manager

We hope this article has been useful to help you navigate through the many Drone Apps that are available. If you have any questions, comments or queries fire them over to our twitter account. @CQNetIO

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