Fleet Management

Know where your assets are, and what their status is.

Risk Management

Do you need a tool to control and reduce your risks?

Time Saving

How do my team spend more time flying?

Flight Planning

Is it safe to fly? Plot your mission then check weather, flight…

Operations Management

What does my operation look like right now?

Procedural Compliance

How do I know my team are operating safely?

Empowering Scalable Operations

CQNet is Consortiq's flagship cloud-based software solution. Its is the single portal for managing your drone operation, whether it's tracking maintenance schedules for your expanding fleet or planning your missions safely.

The combination of our web-based portal, for management, and our apps (iOS and Android), for operations, creates a seamless platform for you to maintain situational awareness of your drone program.


Consortiq & Moonrock Offer

Consortiq have partnered with Moonrock Drone Insurance to provide our award winning software CQNet at no cost to their customers. View our Moonrock page for more details. If you’re a Moonrock customer you can sign up now for CQNet via our account request form, this will send us a request and after following our getting started process you will be up and […]

JavaScript code on laptop screen

How are CQNet’s developers different?

CQNet is a cross platform application for managing your teams drone operations anywhere, whether you’re a local business or a global multi-national. Choosing data suppliers for a global platform can be a significant challenge. One size doesn’t fit all. In our latest release we developed features that pull through a list of Airports and Hospitals for the drone operators awareness […]

Drone FRZs

Airports, Hospitals & Advisories

CQNet release v1.12.0 – March 2019 One of the aims we’ve had with CQNet has been to cover all aspects of our UK PfCO training course (UAQ) and the US Drone Flight Essentials course – part of our AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP). Our new release improves your ability to flight plan from one resource, drawing on airport and hospital […]

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